Thursday, November 07, 2013

A Beautiful Mess | Leaving The Leaves Where They Fall

A Beautiful Mess. Of leaving the leaves where they fall and letting go of expectations.

So much of the stress we place on ourselves resides in the inheritance of the self-imposed pressure of meeting unrealistic expectations - of not disappointing those who will never be willing to freely release their approval in the first place, no matter how hard we try. Why is it that we so willingly give over the power of approval to those who are reinforced by this negative energy when God has already released us from such binds ? There is a beauty to the simple grace that arrives when we not only learn to let go of our own pride-filled expectations of others but also when we regain the rightful inheritance of peace based on an unconditional and all-powerful love. There is never a need to earn what has already been given. Declare today to stop the cycle of the sinful inheritance, embrace the gift that has already been given and just enjoy the beauty of all the simple graces of each day, including a yard full of fallen leaves!

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