Monday, February 08, 2016

The Healing Grace of Nature

The reason we seek so much solace in nature is due to our desire for the purity of free will, balance and harmony. True, we can't live without each other and there is no life without love, but we become easily overburdened in our mess and mix of expectations and emotions, especially when the darkness of manipulation sets in. There is no manipulation in nature. It just is. Nature always renews what is right so that we can go on with our best despite constantly tripping over the mess we make of ourselves. It's in the mountains, on the ocean, in the woods, where, when we are quiet enough the healing begins in repairing all the wear and tear of want and ego. Church? Nature is where you will find the most reverent of chapels and the most magnificent of cathedrals. It's not un-holy. It's exactly the opposite.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Reveals the Truth

The bare rawness of winter has a way of revealing character, a stripping away to what is perhaps hidden in the grandeur of the other seasons. There is a quiet beauty to it too, like the hush between falling snow and nothing but the whisper of cold night air under winter stars. We need winter where the heart speaks loudest. Not in want of the other seasons but in the truth made known in fortitude, patient endurance and the revealing of what resides on the base layer of our being.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Harmony of the Seasons | The Light on the Landscape of Ohio

The harmony of heart, spirit and soul. There are moments and places where all is joined in the seamless, singular expression of being fully present, aware and receiving. Perhaps not in perfection but yet in the pureness of beauty joined with peace and longing. I marvel in wonder of what is arrayed before my eyes and suddenly all is meant to be.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

On the Burnt Edges of the Season | November in Ohio

Hues of orange and rust on the horizon, reflected in the soon-to-be dormant meadow. November falls gently like the burnt edges of an old letter or the faded corners of a favorite paperback. The subtle beauty of the twilight time of the year is often overlooked in anticipation of the busyness of the holiday season. But I always notice. I connect easy with fading light through bare branches and the early nighttime call of the few remaining crickets. One season's farewell before the sudden snap of that first snowfall. This is where eyes wander in the glow of distancing light and the heart is warmed near the hearth fires of memory and love and hope.