Monday, November 27, 2017

Value in the Experience of Portrait Photography

I was very thankful to have the opportunity to photograph a fun portrait session last week, with Sallie and her son Trent. We found a beautiful location in late afternoon sunlight on a private farm property near Centerville, Ohio.

Successful portrait photographers understand that delivering value to the portrait client is much more than just simply providing professional imagery. It's also about the experience and delivering to the client a positive memory of the photo shoot to connect to the prints.

With every portrait session I carry with me a bit of that "photography teacher" within me. Instead of just simply directing my clients to where I want them I always explain what it is about the scene that works so well with them as the main subjects and why I am working with the light - both ambient and the light I bring with me - the way I do.

When the client feels like he or she is part of the total experience - and not simply posed subjects - it shows in their eyes and smiles and subsequently, the final images.

To schedule your portrait photography experience, please email or call 937-477-9324. I would be very happy and thankful for the opportunity to deliver images and an experience that will last a lifetime.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I love what I do, I am good at what I do and . . . yes, I actually NEED to do what I do

It's that simple. Take another look at this blog entry title.

Got it?

Why hire a professional photographer versus the soccer-mom-with-a-good-camera?  Here are 10 reasons why:
  1. Quality of Work
  2. Dependability
  3. Fully Insured
  4. All client image files are carefully organized and back-up across multiple media
  5. Professional bearing and appearance while working at client's location
  6. Actual, true corporate experience working on the "other side" of the desk
  7. Bringing more to the table than just great imagery
  8. Over-delivers and delivers on-time
  9. Listens to understand client goals and expectations before the camera and lights come out of the bag
  10. And his or her career and passion to create and capture photographs that best  represent the passion that each client has for his or her business and customer and their respective communities

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Go Calmly | Living Outward with Confidence of Vision

Go calmly where your heart takes you. Stay attuned to life’s graces as they are presented before you. There’s a positive life energy there that can’t be found anywhere else. We live in a world of constant temptation; a negative energy and focus that collapses too far inward. Reflect outward the gift of grace and the world filled with the Holy Spirit will dance before you, in the light, in the love, in each moment we can become unattached to all that hinders and blocks grace through us. Stay humble, stay open, stay kind and let go.
Autumn montage of fine art landscape photography by Jim Crotty with locations that include Hilton Head Island South Carolina and Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio.

Landscape Photography Montage by Ohio Photographer Jim Crotty

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Consulting Services for In-House Product Photography

Recently I have been providing onsite consulting services to firms interested in improving and enhancing - or even just starting - their own in-house product photography studios and capabilities. I thoroughly enjoy these opportunities to show companies how they can improve the online appearance of their product lines by not only recommending the right equipment but offering the right training for their staff to shoot exceptional product imagery, from capture to edit to posting. If your firm would like to break away from stock images or lackluster photographs of your products I can help! Additional information @ I’d be happy to provide a free estimate over the phone or via email.