Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Discovering Texture and Form on Hunting Island | South Carolina Nature Photography

The joy of discovering the often-overlooked beauty amongst the dunes and maritime forest of Hunting Island State Park along the coast of South Carolina. Shape, texture and form. The carving hands of wind, sea, sun and sand present a wealth of subject matter for the nature photographer who enjoys going-in for the smaller details that can often tell the larger narrative of life in the Low Country.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Revisiting Old Favorites | Older Scanned Images Become New Again

I was preparing and uploading several of my nature images last night for a recent print order for one of my favorite commercial clients, a buyer and decorator of art that's installed in hospitals and medical centers. A while back I had prepared a custom image catalog for them for easy reference to the types of subjects they are most interested in - images that convey a sense of peace and calm.

While in that particular project folder in Aperture I started to re-visit several older images (35mm Velvia scans) that could use a touch-up with more recent tools now available via the digital darkroom. One was this image of a Corn Lily plant that I had photographed in August of 1999 (seems like forever ago). Back then I was still using film with a Canon EOS 1V. The location is the forest floor near Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana. I warmed the image up a bit from the original scan and added a few enhancements via Nik plug-ins.

Another lesson on why it is so important to save and archive original image files, whether they be 35mm transparencies, scans or RAW files directly from the camera.