Thursday, March 08, 2012

Revisiting Old Favorites | Older Scanned Images Become New Again

I was preparing and uploading several of my nature images last night for a recent print order for one of my favorite commercial clients, a buyer and decorator of art that's installed in hospitals and medical centers. A while back I had prepared a custom image catalog for them for easy reference to the types of subjects they are most interested in - images that convey a sense of peace and calm.

While in that particular project folder in Aperture I started to re-visit several older images (35mm Velvia scans) that could use a touch-up with more recent tools now available via the digital darkroom. One was this image of a Corn Lily plant that I had photographed in August of 1999 (seems like forever ago). Back then I was still using film with a Canon EOS 1V. The location is the forest floor near Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana. I warmed the image up a bit from the original scan and added a few enhancements via Nik plug-ins.

Another lesson on why it is so important to save and archive original image files, whether they be 35mm transparencies, scans or RAW files directly from the camera.

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