Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcoming September | The Photographer's Season on Hilton Head

Those who've been following my photography and who've participated in my workshops know that I am all about autumn. And it's much more than just the trees turning nice shades of red and gold (of which there is not much of here in coastal South Carolina). It's about the shadows lengthening, the days and nights returning to a right balance and the graceful light of a southward sun. From the hills and woodlands of my home state of Ohio to the lowland maritime waterways of South Carolina, I find that life is renewed when the high humidity and blah light of summer depart the stage.

In some ways I feel bad for the crowds of summer visitors to Hilton Head Island. They miss out on what I consider to be (at least from an artistic viewpoint) the most beautiful time of year in this area. With cooler, tolerable temperatures the air is cleared making way for almost daily shows of spectacular light at sunrise and sunset. The skyscapes over saltwater marsh and beach are jaw-dropping gorgeous, a living prayer set to dancing light. Out I go with camera, a few lenses, tripod and a welcoming, grateful heart. I think it's because the landscape of the coastal area is all basically without the undulating dynamics of hills or mountains is why I'm so drawn to the sky as my primary subject for landscape photography here on Hilton Head.

I will take fall. This is the time of a feeling spirit and it has been well worth the wait. For me autumn brings not only a return to balance but also a more honest approach toward light and life. Something arrives on the cleansing north wind like an old, trusted friend who embraces the soul. In autumn light peace settles-in and fills the painful void left from the quick departure of summer's illusion. I am home and I am thankful.

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Gail said...

Your photos are lovely, and I enjoy your Christian comments. I am a Christian artist and photograper as well. I am a retired art teacher, and now run my own gallery, gift mall, and cafe. I also blog: I would like to share your site on my blog. Thanks for sharing! Gail Shelton