Monday, November 21, 2011

Autumn Color in the Lowcountry | November on Hilton Head

There's a tremendous variety of beautiful subjects in and around Hilton Head Island. Unparalleled access to wildlife, skyscapes to die for and maritime forests that haunt the creative eyes of the artist. However, when I first moved to Hilton Head, last spring, the one thing that I though I'd miss the most were the colors of the fall landscape, so prominent from September through November in Ohio. I assumed fall color would be absent in the coastal forests so far south. I was pleased to be proven wrong when color began appearing at the beginning of November. While only in isolated pockets, it's still enough of a change to provide a nice contrast against the Spanish Moss and pines.

The following series of images were captured in Hilton Head's most forested section, Sea Pines Plantation on the southern end of the Island. Also, Snowy and Great Egrets as well as horses at Lawton Stables, all in the beauty of morning light. Another characteristic of this area that I find visually appealing are the mists that come in off the ocean and shroud the woodlands in a soft, subdued light. After the tourist rush of summer, with all the activity on the island as well as light and humidity that's pretty much "in your face," it's wonderful to relish in the reward of autumn.

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