Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Print Arrangement Previews and Consultation

A client recently purchased a number of my nature and landscape photographs, as gallery wrap canvas prints, for her home. Part of the process in assisting this customer in making the decision as to which images to purchase was providing her with a digital and print "preview" of how select photographs would look arranged together on a neutral background, thus providing a good look at how a particular composition within one landscape photograph will work with another.

In capturing and creating my nature and landscape photographs I love to work with flowing and directional lines within the frame that will enhance the primary subject by directing the viewer's eye to that particular point of interest that speaks of the sense of place being visually represented. But with two or more prints arranged together it's important to select and arrange the photographs so that the impact of one composition is not distracting to the other. Sometimes arranging artwork - such as on a large, open wall space - requires the same artistic eye and touch used in the creation of the individual pieces.

The customer asked if I could make a "print-out" previewing a grouping of four prints she was considering for a particular wall within the great room of her home. Her selections were based on wanting to visually show the four distinct seasons of the Ohio landscape. It was no problem at all for me to put this preview together and send it to her via JPEG attachment (below). For this composite I used the Moodboard app on my iPad, which was very simple to do. Truth be told just about any other word processing and/or slide presentation program could have been used as well. And of course there's always Photoshop.

In the past I've also suggested particular arrangements of my photographs to various commercial art buyers and consultants. I love my art, but I love customers even more. This customer was very pleased with her purchase. She commented afterwards that it was the time and attention I took in helping her decide on prints - and print arrangement - that made the most impact.

For more information on purchasing fine art prints of my nature and landscape photography, please see http://ohiophoto.org/public_html/fineart.html.

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